Current Project

Pollinating Pride in People

Promoting Fynbos conservation through hands-on experience, training and community engagement

Pollinating Pride in People is a collaborative project between Ingcungcu Sunbird Restoration and Amava Oluntu. Collectively, these programmes aim to promote fynbos conservation through hands-on experience, skills development, entrepreneurial opportunities for youth and community engagement. Pollinating Pride in People has two components: the Pollinator Garden Program and the Youth Entrepreneurial program.

Project Objectives:

  • To contribute strategically and practically to the Fynbos Corridor Strategy and sunbird migration corridor across the Cape Flats by establishing indigenous gardens of locally sourced nectar-rich Fynbos species, continuing to apply, adapt and revise the monitoring and implementation protocols developed by Ingcungcu and the Fynbos Corridor Collaboration.
  • To empower and capacitate youth so that they are more employable in the field of fynbos promotion (eg. through print-making and marketing skills).
  • To raise awareness for fynbos conservation and achieve behavioural learning by engaging with the respective communities (children, youth and adults) in hands-on and immersive learning activities that promote 1) connection to nature, 2) environmental awareness and 3) knowledge of fynbos diversity, ecology and importance.
  • To establish sustainable fynbos conservation resources, approaches and networks within, and between communities that can be replicable and last beyond the project duration.
  • Pollinator Garden Program

    The Pollinator Garden Program offers monthly workshops to community members focussed on exploring the wonders of fynbos, why it is valuable, how to grow it and what medicinal uses it has. 

    Through hands-on experience, participants are guided through activities that include:

    • Exploring fynbos diversity and role in the ecosystem 
    • Propagating several fynbos species. 
    • Preparing and planning an indigenous pollinator garden.
    • Planting and maintaining an indigenous pollinator gardens. 
    • Monitoring the birds and insects that are attracted to these gardens.

    Youth Entrepreneurial Program

    The Younth Entrepreneurship Programme offers entrepreneurial training and mentorship for youth/young adults focusing on communication, design and print-making skills to promote fynbos conservation and encourage the development of micro-businesses.

    The program aims to:

    • Create fynbos inspired designs and products.
    • Support the development of micro-businesses based on fynbos design and promotion.
    • Build a social media campaign to promote pride for fynbos.
    • Produce online resources – videos and webinars based on program learning content.

    Partnerships for a Sustainable Future

    Building partnerships is at the core of Ingcungcu’s long-term vision for expanding the sunbird corridor across the Cape Flats, building biodiversity leadership and reconnecting communities to nature. We aim to create a collaborative model based on establishing self-sustainable community nodes along the corridor by: 

    • creating locally indigenous gardens and ‘satellite nurseries’ as hubs for education, training, knowledge sharing and community connection to nature; 
    • promoting and facilitating entrepreneurial  opportunities focussed on fynbos; and 
    • building partnerships with local businesses and corporations who are based within the corridor, have a direct responsibility towards conserving urban biodiversity, and can directly benefit from these small businesses, nurseries and outdoor learning spaces.

    Before participating in this program I enjoyed visiting our nature reserves but never really noticed Fynbos. Now I can’t stop seeing it everywhere!

    Pollinator Garden Participant

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