Ingcungcu research published!

Ingcungcu recently published the scientific paper ‘Nectar gardens on school grounds reconnect plants, birds and people’ in the journal Biological Conservation. Using seven years of monthly bird monitoring data collected at eight Ingcungcu school gardens, the paper measures the impact of planting nectar-rich gardens on the presence of sunbirds and the knowledge increase in learners.

Sunbird Stepping Stones – Virtual Field Trip

At last week’s Fynbos Forum Virtual Event, we took attendees on a Virtual Field Trip through some of our school gardens. Join us for a skip through the gardens to see what we found!

We would like to acknowledge the amazing network of partners and funders which continue to make our work possible. A special thanks to the Botanical Society of South Africa – Kirstenbosch Branch, Table Mountain Fund and National Geographic for their ongoing support, guidance and belief in our vision throughout these challenging times.

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